Surroundings :  

    Houses are located in the picturesque town Kopalino surrounded by nature from all directions. They are perfectly located - 1800 meters away from the sea, with direct access to the lake, nearby shops and restaurants in which you can buy food or eat a meal. In the forest there are mushrooms and blueberries, grocer’s shops and a vegetarian restaurant. Perfect conditions for sunbathing: on the clearing, by the lake or the sea. Flawlessly clean nature and rare protected species of animals and plants..

A path to the seadside.
A heather path to the seaside.

   Excellent access road directly to the houses. Houses are situated by the forest which ensures an amiable atmosphere. Houses are fenced in with a wooden 1,80 meter high fence so everything is elegant and safe. It possible to go at the seaside by car, ca. 2,5km. Open sea ensures the cleanest water and the cleanest sand. At the seaside there are bars, car park and two studs. Nearby there is a restaurant Szlacheckie Gniazdo. Roasting of a wild boar. Bar “Antonio”. Close to everywhere - Kopalino is 7km away from Choczewo, There is a restaurant Szlacheckie Gniazdo only 500m away from Houses. Only 20-minutes long way to the sea through a beautiful forest.
3-minutes long way to the lake (200m). The lake is clean and restocked with fish. Kopalino is a place for people who:

  • love fishing,

  • are devoted to swimming and other water sports,

  • love walks on touristic routes and walking paths,

  • like bicycle tourism.

   It is also a great starting point for other attractive places such as: Jastrzębia Góra, Dębki, Hel, Gdynia, Słupsk, Łeba, Lębork.


- 2 grocer’s shops - 400 meters away - Kopalino
- Supermarket MELAN - 8km - Choczewo
- Post Office - 8km - Choczewo
- exchange office - 8km - Choczewo
- bankomat - 8 km - Choczewo
- medical care - 8km - Choczewo
- chemist’s - 8km - Choczewo
- petrol station - 8km - Choczewo
- service station - 8km Choczewo

NEIGHBOURHOOD - what is worth visiting :

Barrows near Szklana Huta 4km
Barrow cemeteries Situated near Szkalan Huta are important for the region archaeological findings. Barrows are dated back to Bronze Age (Łużycka culture). In this area there was also a glassworks, dated back to the turn of XIX and XX century.

Lubiatów Dune 4km
PBeautiful dune situated along the coast between Lubiatów and Białogóra.

Choczew Lake 9km
This lake plays recreational and touristic role, its water belongs to class A water transparent for 3 meters. The visitors of this beautiful place have at their disposal 4 bathing beaches with car parks and water equipment rental places nearby. This lake is also a paradise for fishermen. There are three partially roofed and one open air fishing piers. The lake abounds in various kinds of fish. It is worth coming here to fish breams, tenches, pikes; the lake also does not lack eels or perches.

Lighthouse in Stilo 15km
The lighthouse is situated in the village Stilo/Osetnik at the top of a dune, 1000m away from the sea. The lighthouse is built on the sixteen-side foundations. The orange bicycle track leads to this lighthouse. The lighthouse is available for visitors in summer season (from the beginning of June till the end of Agust, from 10:00 a.m. till 6 p.m.)

Reserve “Choczewskie cisy” 14km
The reserve is situated in the forestry Sasino and it functions since 1962. Occuring there yew trees are determined to be 120-year-old. In the reserve there are protected plants, e.g. orchid Fuchsa or Daphne mezereum. Apart from that, there are also a few kinds of lichens (e.g. Iceland moss) and Macrofungi (e.g. common stinkhorn).

Viewing tower in Gniewino 19km
The recreational-touristic complex Kashubian Eye is located on the high hill (ca. 113 m above sea level), in the vicinity of so called upper water reservoir of the pumped-storage hydroelectricity at Żarnowiec Lake. The most important element of the Kashubian Eye is the “pupil” - the viewing tower. From its top there is a view over the whole neighbourhood and the coast of the Baltic Sea. At the foot of the tower there is a botanic garden arranged in the shape of a French formal garden. Recreational open air elements of the “Kashubian Eye” are first of all equipped with 18 positions for mini-golf, fitness trail and barbecue site. The height of the building from its base till its spire amounts to 44 m. You can climb the stairs or take the lift to get to the viewing area.

Manor in Starbienino 12km
Beautifully restored palace in Starbienino, from the XIX century, includes the branch of the Kashubian People’s University and the centre of environmental education. There are solar collectors, windmill and other devices using the energy of nature. Starbienino manor with a tower is often compared to a Tuscanian villa. The attractions of this place constitute alleys, a pond and a small, quite village - a perfect place for people seeking for peace. In the direct neighbourhood there is a stud offering horse rides.

Palace in Sasina 12km
Palace in Sasina was built in 1862. Manor-park complex constitutes a separate settlement located 1 km away from the village of Sasino and in the area of charming demesne.

Żarnowiec Lake 17km
At the Żarnowiec Lake, called Pioszniccze Lake in Kashubian local dialect, we can find everything necessary for really successful rest. Peace, birds singing, good sense of humour of local inhabitants who are incredible story-tellers. For those who like getting tired, there are wonderful bicycle tracks. Nearby the lake you can also take advantage of active forms of leisure and e.g. take part in a canoeing trip on the river Piaśnica.

Heritage park in Nadole 19km
The Heritage park in Nadole is a branch of the Museum of Puck Land. The whole Zagroda Gburska from XIX century was taken into protection. The heritage park was opened in 1987 and currently in includes: homestead, agricultural buildings and accompanying structures: well, cellars, coach house, dovecote, treadmill, apiary, smokehouse and bread furnace. The heritage park is opened in season (01.07 - 31.08) Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. till 5 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday 9.00 a.m. till 4 p.m. and off season (01.09 - 30.06) Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. till 3.30 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from 9.00 a.m. till 2 p.m.

Białogóra 19km (Reserve “Białogóra”, Reserve “Babnica”)
The reserve “Białogóra” with the area of 55,53 ha was founded in 1972. It is situated near the sea and encompasses a fragment of seaside marsh forest. In the reserve there are many rare plants most of which is rated among Atlantic element. The most interesting plants are: cross-leaved heath, Rhynchospora fusca, Littorella uniflora, Myrica gale and three species of sundews. The reserve “Babnica” with the area of 2.04 ha was founded in 1996 and it is situated to the north of Białogóra. Another protected plant is old growth of oak and beech aged 140, on the parabolic dune with rare species of plants and characteristic grouping of lichens many of which is on the “Red list” of endangered lichens in Poland. The existence of 61 species of lichens has been stated.

Wejherowo 35km
Wejherowo is a town situated by the river Reda. It is situated on the borders of Reda-Łeba ice marginal valley and Kashubian Lake District. This place is called by many a “spiritual capital of Kaszuby” - there are plenty of sacred places here. One of the most famous is Calvary of Wejherowo, also called Kashubian Jerusalem. Moreover, it is worth seeing: The Square of Jakub Wejher (marketplace), St. Anna’s Monastic Church, The Holy Trinity’s Collegiate, Town Hall, the Keyserling and Przebendowscy’s Palace, Aleksander Majkowski’s Park and windmills by Cedron.

"Tricity" (Gdynia, Sopot, Gańsk) 63km
This beautiful agglomeration encompasses Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdybna. The variety of these cities ensures every visitor many wonderful attractions.

Kashubian Lake District
Kashubian Lake District is a region of Pomerania Lake District with the biggest number of visitors. The richness of forms of terrain relief, landscape contrasts caused by many deep ribbon lakes and hills completely justify the name “Kashubian Switzerland” with reference to the area between Kartuzy and Kościerzyna. It is one of the most popular among tourists part of Kashubian Lake District.