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    Do you dream of a holiday far away from your worries and the turmoil of the city? Have you got enough of your troublesome neighbours and car engine roars? Would like to finally stop living with constant looking at your watch? We too. So we decided to find a place on Earth where one may feel as in paradise. A place still not destroyed by our civilisation. We searched long, but our effort paid off. Clean, sparsely inhabited beaches of the BALTIC Sea, a lake full of fish, a forest with old trees hiding many secrets and this feeling - as if the time has stopped. What possibly could want more?

    Our Earthly paradise is located in Kopalino. As we didn’t want to destroy this enchanting place, we decided to build the houses from wood. Comfortable, of high standard, but matching the surroundings.. You’re probably wondering what one may do in such a place for two weeks? We assure you that there’s no time for boredom in here. We invite you for a walk to the Stilo lighthouse and to the “Choczewskie Cisy” reserve, to see the historic Manors and churches, for a bicycle trip along the specially designated paths. For the courageous, we’ve got a proposal of visiting the Burrows in Szklana Huta. They are old tombs which, as the legend goes, give positive energy.

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    If you still think you’ll be bored here alone, invite your friends. We offer two houses for 6 and one house for 5 people. It’s a perfect holiday place for a family with children and others. We provide an ideal place for family holidays and staying for 18 people. Beaches at hand - only 1.8 km! You’ll be visiting together, benefiting from nature and barbecuing in the evening. There will be not one ‘Kum ba yah’ heard for sure...
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Attractions in the allotment
trampoline and a play ground
Attractions in the allotment
basketball pitch