Atrakcje :  

- Grill Hut, place for bonfire
       - place for playing basketball
       - places for games and plays for children (TRAMPLINE)

      - beautiful beaches and sea,
      - cycle tracks and paths for walking,
      - Kopalino Lake in which you can fish,
      - Choczewo Lake to swim 7KM,
      - 30km away from Łeba, DINOSAUR PARK
      - ca. 10km away from Lighthouse in Stilo,
      - horse riding lessons in Lubiatowo and KOPALINO

      - indoor swimming pool 19km - Gniewino, ul. Sportowa 1 A
      - water scooters/sailing 23km - Dębki
      - bowling alley 19km - Gniewino,
      - golf course 19km - Gniewino - minigolf
      - horse stud 10km - Kopalino, Choczewo, Białogóra
      - bicycle hire 500 meters - KOPALINO
      - ostrich farm - Kniewo
      - heritage park Nadole
      - The most modern GOLF COURSE 30km (
     - SPORTS CENTRE EURO 2012 15km (

Kopalino Lake
- Fishing

    Lake with the area of 8,37 ha depth of 3m is situated 1km away from Kopalino centre and the sea. The lake is surrounded by forest and you can get there following sandy path. The shape of the lake is similar to the letter “L”. The roots of nearby trees “grow into” the water and create small piers. Some attractive kinds of fish live in the lake: tench, bream, crucian carp, roach, carp, pike, perch and eel. Another attraction is the pair of swans swimming on the lake or boat and pontoon rides.
In the vicinity there is a camping site “Capówka” with water equipment hire - boats, canoes.
1 km away from the centre of Kopalino there is a beautiful Kopalino Lake where you can fish. Some attractive kinds of fish live in this lake: tench, bream, crucian carp, roach, carp, pike, perch and eel.

Sea, beach

    One needs to walk in the forest on sandy paths for about 30 minutes to get to the seaside. You need to go in Kopalino Lake direction. The beach with light yellow, fine sand encourages sunbathing. Sand dunes are overgrown with green grass. In the vicinity of the beach there are stalls with food and drinks and also with beach accessories.
The beach in Kopalino is one of the most beautiful and the cleanest beaches at the Baltic Sea. Its fine-grained sand and lack of crowds even in summer season makes this place a perfect recreational area for families with children and people valuing silence and peace. During walks on the beach, especially in spring or in winter, you can find beautiful Baltic ambers. Rich in iodine air and refreshing sea breeze are especially valued by asthmatics and allergy sufferers. It takes 15 minutes to get to the beach through meadows and beautiful seaside pine forest. It takes 5 minutes to get there by bike. You can also drive to the beach and leave the car on the spacious forest car park. In the vicinity of the entrance to the beach, there are many outlets with food and a lot of shops.

Lighthouse Stilo

   Stilo means “the end of the world” - far away from cities and din, in the midst of forests and dunes there is a beautiful lighthouse. The lighthouse is situated eastwards from Łeba, you can get there by bike cycling on forest tracks or by car driving on picturesque roads. Apart from incredible views from a viewpoint, you can see inside the whole light apparatus, amplifiers, and transformers.

Country manor in

    The country manor has been restored to its former splendour and it functions as a holiday centre. At present, there is a branch of Kashubian People’s University.

Bicycle trips

   In Kopalino there are two bike rental places, it is not a problem to find them. You can go on a bicycle trip to Białogóra (10km) on the nice cycle track through the seaside forest.
Kopalino is a place visited mainly by people who like spending time actively on a bike. Around Kopalino there are four main cycle tracks: yellow, green, blue and orange. These tracks lead through the most beautiful nooks of the neighbourhood showing their affluence and ensuring active and compelling leisure time. The total length of prepared tracks in Choczewo amounts to 55 km. Jantarowo is situated by the Amber Promenade, i.e. the track for cyclists and pedestrians, connecting Kopalino with Lubiatowo. For everybody who wants to take advantage of the charm of single-trace vehicles there is a rental place in Kopalino and bicycle service.

Amber Promenade

   “Amber Promenade” is an afoot and bicycle route starting in Kopalino, going past a forester’s lodge towards a sports field and a church, along forest with historic barrows in it and ending in Lubiatowo and historic country manor with a park and a pond. Then you can walk on forest paths towards Baltic coast. The whole undertaking encompasses 1,5km long route with rest sites, playground and car park in the centre of the town. It orders afoot and bicycle traffic between summer resorts and enables free access to their centres, protecting and giving prominence to natural and cultural virtues in an organised way.

Karrows near
Szklana Huta

   In Szklana Huta there are important for the region archaeological sites. The barrow cemeteries are located there. Part of the barrows was destroyed during founding of plant nursery in 1975. The barrows were examined in the interwar period. The inventory of findings from these barrows include: clay vessels and burnt through human bones. Barrows are dated back to Bronze Age (Łużycka culture). In this area there was also a glassworks, dated back to the turn of XIX and XX century.

Viewing Tower 
Kashubian Eye Gniewino

   The whole complex was designed in the shape of the “eye” with the area of 4,2 ha. The most important element is the “pupil” - The Viewing Tower with the viewing area and the view over the whole neighbourhood up to the Baltic Sea. At its foot it is surrounded by the “iris” - flower beds arranged in the shape of French formal garden whereas the “eyelash” is the pergola built along the path. Nearby the “corner of the eye” there is a round restaurant referring with its architecture to the shape of the viewing area of the tower. Recreational open air elements of “Kashubian Eye” are first of all equipped with 18 positions for mini-golf, playground in the form of “Pirates’ Ship”, health path, open air chess field and battery cars rented in season for children. Moreover, life-sized dinosaurs are a huge attraction - the models of Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex have already won visitors’ favours.

Żarnowiec Lake
Żarnowiec Lake - a ribbon lake in the North of Poland, in Pomerania province, Wejherowo minucipality, on the Żarnowiec Upland. At the lake there was the first in Poland nuclear power station to be built but its building was stopped in 1990. Currently, in that place there is the biggest in the country pumped-storage hydroelectricity (power of 716 MW) activated in 1982.
Nordic walking

   Nearby forests and a beautiful few kilometres long sandy beach are perfect places for Nordic walking both in summer and off holiday season.


For the lovers of horse-riding there are two centres offering - horse-riding lessons, - outside trips, - rides on a pony (for children).

Picking undergrowth

   Kopalino is surrounded by rich in undergrowth deciduous and coniferous forests. There are many types of mushrooms and forest fruit such as: blueberries, cowberries and blackberries. The richness of this neighbourhood causes that in autumn time there are a lot of tourists here who want to take advantage of boons of nature.